Mining and touristic foundation “New Down for children” with Bolivian state license approved No 379/2017 is headed by Julio Cesar Morales Zambrana owner of “GREENGO TOURS”; Julio was a former miner.

The foundation runs little social projects around Cerro Rico for the kids female and male as well as women who are still working and living in the silver mountain.


We are a channel of an intercultural dialogue between the people and tourists also the miners community trough of sustainable tourism development.
Looking for with this a good leaving in harmony with nature and our main goal being the education for all of us and we could live well and share the effort of our hard work.


We want to be the first and leader innovating foundation in the development of sustainable, ethical and responsible in tourism supporting the balance between development and leaving well to benefit the social groups of miners relegated in the Cerro Rico.

How can you help?

We receive with great pleasure help or donations from organizations or institutions abroad, such as sending children’s clothing of all kinds and any type of school material or that is related to it.
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  • Periodic donation
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Intermediary Bank:


Swift Code:  COBADEFF

Account Number:   400-871-9718-00 of  Banco UNION S.A Bolivia

Swift:   BAUNBO22

Beneficiary Name:  Fundación Minera Turística Nuevo Amanecer Para los Niños

Account Number of the Foundation:   10000028419724

Potosí – Bolivia

“In the world, nearly 300 million children and adolescents between 5 and 17 years of age work, of which 180 million do so in the worst working conditions of child slavery, servitude, prostitution, begging or conscripted by groups armed outside the law among other tasks, it is estimated that about two million work in mining and quarries. “