Who are we?

We are “GREENGO TOURS” (see Lonely Planet page of Potosi) and Julio Cesar Morales Zambrana activists for miners rights because our authentic miners deep background, Julio comes from a real miners family, he is really convinced that the best way to get out of mines circle is trough high education for improving the quality of living of hundreds of children and miner´s widows who still exist and live in the Cerro Rico.


Julio was a laborer (peon) for the cooperative “10 de Noviembre” at the Pampa Oruro mine, working with pride, for two and half years.

In 1989 thanks to his self-taught understanding of the English language, he started to work as a guide and translator for many tourism companies within the department of Potosi.

His hard work was rewarded by recommendations published in guides such as Lonely Planet, Footprints and others guidebooks considered to be amongst the best in tourism.

In the position of operational manager he worked for many local tour companies, before joining the personnel at the Casa de Moneda (the mint) considered one of the most important museum in both Bolivia and Latin America, as an English-Spanish tour guide.

He studied at the local university UATF (Universidad Autonoma Tomas Frias) and is also a member of the Historic and Geographic Society of Potosi, writing many colonial mining history articles for local and national newspapers.

Currently he is the owner of “GREENGO TOURS” also founder and president of FUNAM Fundacion “Nuevo Amanecer”.


We will supply school material for the Cooperative 27th of March to start the initial project, a lot of kids leave their studies in the primary and high school because the parents don’t have much money for buying pencils, books, pens, etc. also no having clothes like shoes, school uniform, also they need a good motivation from their parents who are mostly indigenous people, they leave the school because no enough money to feed the children the miners don’t make much money by working in the silver mines, all these factors make the miners children to leave the school making in the local society high school desertion.